Weight Loss

Weight loss is not easy. We understand it takes an average of nine years before a patient seeks help. In Australian over 65% of adults and over 50% of children are now either overweight or obese, and comes with it many physical, mental and social sequale. We all want to look good and feel great. Dr Amy is a big believer in how our appearance will change the way we feel and see ourselves. At Total Wellness Health we use evidence based weight loss management and work with you to develop a treatment plan to get the results you need. Dr. Amy Liu is a member of the RACGP Obesity Specific Interest Group, and member of the National Association of Clinical Obesticity Services. Dr Amy Liu strives to provide the most evidence based treatment plan to help her patient achieve the best outcome.

During your consultations, we will first take a detailed medical history and physical examination to assess the root causes of your underlying weight gain. During the subsequent consultations depending on your individual circumstances, we work with you to design a treatment plan that would be best suited to your needs.We also recommend ongoing assessment and reviews to tackle any hurtles along the way and support you maintain the weight loss for life. If indicated, we also provide referral for bariatric surgery and post op support and managment to our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Amy understands the science behind body weight regulation and all the smart ways that the body will try to defend you against weight loss. She will show you how you can overcome these hormonal changes so that you can keep the weight off for life and keep hunger at bay. The program you are to receive is formulated specific to your unique circumstance. She will provide you with guidance and support every step of the way and answer any burning questions that you may have had for a long time.
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Based on our experience patients achieves the best results by weekly visits. This helps to promote accountability and motivation, and iron out any obstacles that may come our way early. However, we can also tailor the program to your special circumstance. We also offer video / telehealth consultations to reduce the barriers to your weight loss journey. At total Wellness Health we want you ensure you have the right access and tools to gain essential skills to keep the weight off for life.
This depends on a wide range of factors, such as starting weight, age, sex, ethnicity and ability to complete physical activities. Despite results may vary, our patients generally will lose 1- 1.5kg per week.
Yes! We cater for those with lactose and fructose intolerance, coeliac disease, egg and other allergies as well vegetarians and vegans. Whatever the dietary preference – we can help you!
Yes! Dr Amy has been through vigorous medical training in managing many health conditions. She has also undertaken specialty training in obesity management and is well aware of the weight related conditions her patients would encounter. During your program Dr Amy will complete a full health assessment, review your medications and provide recommendations to you / your GP to best facilitate your weight loss. Even if you are going through special periods during your life , either if you just had a baby, or going through hormone haywire during menopause, there is a tailored program for you. During your weight loss journey you may need to also need to reduce the dose of some of your medications as you lose weight. But don’t worry, we will guide you through every step of the way.
You are at the right place! Dr. Amy is dual trained Physiotherapist and Medical Practitioner. She will be able to assess your injuries and guide you with the best exercise regime that’s most tailored to your body.
The benefit of this program is that Dr. Amy will do baseline assessment, which will assist in tracking your progress throughout the program. She will also develop a structured exercise program that suits you and your health needs, making use of whatever you’re already doing for exercise and ensuring it is safe and effective for weight management.
Absolutely! Our program is designed by weight lose specialist doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists dietitians who know immensely about what resources are available around us so that you don’t need to do the hard work sifting through large amount information without aim. We have packaged the knowledge up in a most condensed and easy to understand format and our app will deliver you all the information you will need to succeed. We are confident that as long as you understand and follow our plan and strategies, you will achieve your goals. Our program is designed to fit in with your lifestyle with minimum fuss. Plus, we offer convenient Telehealth appointments if you wish.
Some people have tried to lose weight with lifestyle measures and may have lost a little, but not enough weight and their weight remains a significant health risk. The good news is, we can help you to lose weight without having to undergo surgery. Or if surgery does become necessary, then with a bit of weight loss prior, it becomes a safer and less rigorous procedure.
Absolutely! At Total Wellness Health we can assist you at every stage of your weight loss journey. Either being pre bariatric surgery assessment, post op nutritional assessment and maintenance, and commence appropriate medical management and lifestyle intervention should a patient regain weight after surgery. We understand that the there are complex interactions between hunger and satiety hormones and some weight gain is possible post surgery. More importantly, we want your weight loss journey to be as smooth as possible.
No problem. We are so confident that you will love the program there are no reasons that you will need to quit! However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know and you can stop any time. We will refund you the balance program minus the cost of individual sessions already completed, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, except the kilos!

Still not sure?

Shoot us an email at admin@totalwellnesshealth.com.au and we will get back to you within the next business day. But hurry, her appointments are limited so make sure you don’t miss out !